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Alcohol-Free Libations

Alcohol-Free Drinks for Sober Inspired Sea Dogs!


Of course, there are thousands! The good news is, there are now dozens of alcohol-free wines and beers available throughout Europe and the USA and increasing as the A/F boom continues worldwide. We all have our favourites so have fun finding yours.

If you’ve got a favourite, let us know, and we’ll add it!


Water (drink plenty for better health)

A/F wines and beers

Kombucha, various flavours

Tea selections, there are so many with multiple fusions

Coffee selections, as with tea, an endless line

McGuigan Delight wine, Moscato or Rose

Soda water + lime/lemon/ice

Cola + lime/ice

Half cola, half black coffee/ice

Ginger Ale with or without lemon/ice

Arnold Palmers

Thai Ice Coffee

Coke + a dash of blackcurrant

Water + fresh lemon/lime/ice

Chilled water, shaken + olive juice + olive

Sprite + orange juice/ice

Ginger ale + bitters

Cranberry lime + soda

Lemonade + salted glass rim

Three spirits social elixir


PLJ Lemon juice + tonic

Morrison’s Zinfandel 

Sutters Red Merlot

Secco + Elderflower Cordial

Lagunitas ‘Hop’


So, what’s yer poison Pirates?

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