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Admin/Moderator Guidelines (all Admins are also Moderators)


Thank you for taking time to help make Sober Inspired Pirates (SIP) and smaller ships so wonderful, supportive, encouraging, uplifting, and such a powerful place for people across the globe who are changing their relationship with alcohol! Please read through this carefully and send any suggestions for adjustment to   

Please first note that there is no expectation on your time spent doing this; it’s simply when you are available. When you go out for an evening, away for a weekend or on a 6-week holiday, you don’t have to report in; you are under no obligation at any time to be on the ship.


In general, as an Admin/Moderator, we ask you to do the following:



DO NOT APPROVE NEW MEMBERS - There is a list of select Admins who do this task.



We will always back the decision of our Admins and Moderators even if later, we need to talk about how things could have been handled differently; this will always be in a supportive manner.

Respect free speech within the parameters below.

When deleting a post, immediately post in the same stream why the post was removed, and directly PM the person who posted to say you have deleted the post, quoting the relevant rule where applicable. This works for political posts, for example. Use your judgement to remove and block anyone who posts anything you consider outrageous.

Follow the procedure above for the following guidelines:

No political posts. Use your judgement if the poster needs to be blocked. 

Sales: Unapproved sales of any merchandise and/or commercial advertisements. 

Personal Information: Immediately delete any personal information posted on the site. 

Reposting similar content that has been previously deleted: If someone reposts content that needs deletion, consider one more warning or perhaps blocking them.

No complaining, rants, dissing business, complaining about crew members, use your judgement to action.


We are a Safe Space so immediately delete: 

  • Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, etc. content: remove and block the poster. 

  • Pornographic or explicitly violent content.

  • Any sort of hate speech against any group of people.

  • Send trollers right off the plank! 

  • Blocking Admin: If a crew member blocks an Admin or Moderator, walk them off the plank.

  • Personal Attacks: Not allowed!



If you block someone, make notes in the space provided. 



If you are unsure what to do: Ask questions directly on the Black Pearl, or an Admin that you know. Please include a screenshot of offensive matter and a general idea of where it can be found.


Complaints about fellow officers are to go to the Captain in confidence.



Post, and comment on your experience, and comment with support, respect, and love.

This is a dynamic document. Please send suggestions for changes to the Captain. 

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